Wednesday , October 17 2018

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High-calorie and unhealthy, but the fast-food habit, especially among young people is becoming increasingly popular, experts are not going away from this type of diet, whether it is possible to eat more healthy is directed to work.

According to a report by CNN’s website, prepared by Mayo Clinic, those who can not give up fast food eating habits can take the first steps in “healthier” nutrition by making minor changes in their menus.

According to the report, changes to be made in the type or size of the salad or dessert, which is considered as a by-product with the beverage included in the menu, allow one to “snow” hundreds of calories a day.

It has been noted that those who implement both weight and weight control programs with carefully selected choices can also go to fast food restaurants.

Suggestions from the Rap

Raporda offers a variety of suggestions under six headings for those who have healthy nutrition concerns but can not give up “fast food”. These suggestions are as follows:

Keeping portions small: If the fast food restaurant you’re going to have is more than one size option, stay away from the biggest one.

A hamburger with more than one meatball has about a thousand calories and 70 grams of fat. Instead, you will be able to reduce the amount of calories that you would prefer to have in a normal size hamburger.

If you reduce the size of the French fries served with your hamburger, you will also get rid of 300 calories.

Choosing Healthy Side Products: Many fast food restaurants offer healthy options for side products consumed next to your main meal.

For example, in the menu consisting of pizza and patties, replacing the potato option with a non-saucable salad allows the meal to reduce the calorie value to half.

Experts say that after a full-bodied meal, you should at least choose a fruit salad rather than an abundant creamy option.

Going Green Options: Experts recommend eating a salad with plenty of sauces and ingredients and not fooling them with “I only ate salad this day”.

Experts who say that meat or chicken, bread pieces, cheese, and most importantly, a salad that is decorated with high-calorie sauces, can not be considered a “healthy meal”, suggests “simpler and greener” cakes.

Grid Options, Cooking Methods: Whether you are at home or at fast food restaurants, paying attention to how you eat your food and making your choices accordingly are among the prime conditions for healthy eating.

Instead of french fries, kumpir, grilled chicken, instead of fried chicken, makes it possible to eat healthy food even in fast food restaurants.

Creating Your Own Menus: First, they suggest that you give up on habits and learn not to accept menus as presented by the restaurant, especially if you have different preferences in sauce and by-products, and even if you are in fast food and you have limited time, you can spend 2 minutes to shape your menus.

Attention to Drinks: Most fast-food recruits are aware of the high calorie of their cousins, but they do not know the calories they receive from drinks.

Often, an oversized acidic drink that is “innocent” alongside a wide variety of menus costs about 400 calories per head, which is the amount of food a person in the diet needs to buy.

Drinks that are consumed as a sweet, ice-cream drinks are worth about a thousand calories, as well as the amount of saturated fat that a person needs to take in a day.

Experts do not neglect to add a note for fast food lovers at the end of their report: “You can consume healthy food outside your home, even in fast food restaurants, but be selective, smartly organize your menu, and choose your portions not your restaurant.”